Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Week In

We have officially reached one week back in the US...woohoo!

Cade is having the hardest time so far. He is trying to say that this house doesn't feel like home, I think. He told my dad he was going to move in with them, lol. Our air shipment should be delivered very soon, and then we will have more of his things so I think that will help. The first week of setting up house is not that fun when you are 4...numerous trips to look at appliances, buy cleaning supplies, sheets, towels, etc. I did let him choose the sheets for his bed and he picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But, he can't sleep on them yet because we only have 2 twin mattresses at this point so mommy is sleeping on the turtles. We will all be happy when our beds arrive, but we probably have about another month to go.

We have accomplished a lot this week  - appliances, phones, basic household stuff, new carpet upstairs as of yesterday. Larry bought our cars when he was here for work in early June, so it has been nice to not add car shopping to the must-do's this week.

I am most missing my laundry fairy....even though I love my new American sized machines, somehow the clothes don't get put away the same way they did in Budapest. Almost 4 years of not doing much cleaning/ laundry makes a girl a little rusty....and spoiled.

Off to mop! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home In Houston

We are finally here! We enjoyed our last days in Budapest, minus a stomach bug for Cade, and arrived in Houston last Wednesday. Since then, we have slowly been getting settled while being wiped out by the lovely stomach bug one by one, including my parents and my nephew. Fun times! Logan is the only one still standing, so hopefully he got a pass on this one.

Our furniture won't arrive for several more weeks, so we are living simply in our new house with the items that were in storage plus the 15(!) suitcases that we brought, items pilfered from my parents house, and stuff from a few trips to stores here. We had cell phones, appliances, internet, and cable within a couple of days...oh the ease of life in America.

Quote of the week from Cade: Here they speak Houston!

We all understand Houston much more than we did Hungarian, so we are off to a good start!