Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Kinderhotel Fun

We all enjoyed relaxing at the pool...can't beat the scenery.

 Fun times for everyone in the baby pool 

The indoor giant tube slide was so much fun!
A great thing about Kinderhotels is they provide everything - baby food, strollers, baby monitor, etc...even robes and slippers for the little bitties to wear to the pool. They were so adorable!
Relaxing in the hammock

We loved our Kinderhotel!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adventures in the Alps

Back in February, when we still liked snow, we took advantage of the kids ski break and visited a Kinderhotel in the Austrian Alps. It was a fabulous getaway for all of us - like a cruise on land. Free kids club for all ages, all inclusive wonderful food, baby monitors so you could put the kids to bed and then enjoy a leisurely dinner....ahh. It was really great and we loved our few days there. 

Pools, pony rides, indoor playground....what's not to love?

Now, it is the end of March. It's still snowing. It snowed about 6 inches last night.  
It's been snowing for at least 4 months on a regular basis. With snow comes gray skies and blah days. 
Snow, I used to love you, but we are done. Please be gone. 

More alpine pics to come!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breaking Free

Last Sunday, Larry left for a long business trip to Asia. Dislike. 

To make matters worse, I (thankfully) never get sick, but I came down with some kind of flu like virus on Sunday. Horrible timing. On Tuesday, I was still pretty sick and I got a call from school to come pick up Chelsea due to fever. On Wednesday, I got another phone call, this time to pick up Cade. 
Can you say miserable week? Thankfully, they didn't get it too bad and Logan never got super sick.  Larry felt maybe a little sorry for us, but mostly he was glad to avoid the germ house. The kids were all home for the remainder of the week, so we begin going a little stir crazy. On top of that, we had a random late winter snow storm on Thursday night/ Friday. Spring, we need you!!!

By Saturday, I knew we had to get out of this house. Only one child had a mild fever, so I decided that was good enough and off we went to the Tropicarium. Last time we visited, Cade wasn't much older than Logan is now. Weird.  Cade really enjoyed it this time, especially the sharks. 

They are this big!

Always stuck with the view from the stroller. 

It was a great day out and, thankfully, I think everyone is well now. 
We are ready for Larry to come home!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All American Boy

We celebrated Logan's birthday with an "All American Boy" barbecue on Saturday. 
So thankful for friends to celebrate with us! 

Logan enjoyed smashing his cake more than he enjoyed eating it. 
He had just eaten a hamburger, so I think he was too full. 

Spiderman made a guest appearance. He makes a lot of appearances these days.

Happy Birthday, Little Dude!