Saturday, April 30, 2011

Parliament Visit

Our visitors are gone....we had a great visit and saw so many things. Now to catch up on the blog!

The Hungarian Parliament building is one of the top sights in Budapest. It is a beautiful building on the inside and out. We had not toured it, so while my parents were here the kids and I took a tour with the building with them.
There are only a few English language tours each day. We arrived about 9:15 and got in a line. The guard let one or two people at a time pass a barrier to go to the ticket office. At the ticket office, you received a tour time after showing your passport. We received tickets for a 12:45 tour, the first available. We didn't have time to go back home for long, so we let the kids play and ate lunch while we waited for our time.
My little Hungarian

Once it was finally tour time, we passed through metal detectors, etc before ending up in the lobby of Parliament.

The building itself was built in 1885 and took 13 years to complete. It is huge with 29 staircase and 691 rooms. There was lots of gold and marble! The tour only took us in a few rooms.
Parliament houses the Hungarian crown jewels.....

and these guys guard them.

The Parliament building has two chamber rooms. They are identical, but only one is used today.

We enjoyed being tourists and seeing more of the city!