Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Disney Pics!

The blog has been silent. So sorry. We are soaking up all of our time in the States, spending time with family and shopping until our suitcases explode. It has been sooooo good. On Thursday we head back to Budapest, and then there will be plenty of blogging.
People around that speak English = no blogging. No one to talk to = lots of blogging!

We are in Harlingen now and I left my camera in Houston. The majority of the Disney pics and all the Christmas pics are on my camera. For a while I thought I lost it, and I was so thankful when my dad called and said they found it. Here are some Disney pics from Larry's camera.

Chelsea's first roller coaster - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
Look very closely and you can see us in the first row.
She loved it! We rode several times.

Breakfast in the castle with the princesses - so fun!

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Belle -Chelsea was bummed she was not in her "bonnie" dress
The princesses gave Chelsea a wand and Cade a sword. He knew just what to do with it!
Chelsea and cousin Haylee. They were inseparable.
Cade liked the characters from a distance.
To infinity and beyond!
Aladdin and Jasmine

More to come once I have my camera back! For now, we will enjoy our last two days in the States and try to figure out how to get everything back to Budapest without going over the luggage limit.

Monday, December 6, 2010


What a fun week this has been! Last Saturday, we left Budapest and had a 20 hour journey back to Houston. The kids did well and the flight was pretty easy. We were so happy to be back in the good ole USA!! We all woke up at 3:30 am Sunday morning, so we decided to go to Walmart and get some things checked off our list. So, next time you see small children at Walmart in the middle of the night, don't judge! We headed to IHOP after that - yummy American pancakes! After our breakfast we went back to our Houston home, my parent's house, and got ready for church. We were so thrilled to go back to Second and worship with our sweet friends there. What a blessing that was!
Monday and Tuesday the kids slept a little later - at least until 4:30 or 5 am. We enjoyed seeing friends and family and just hanging out. Chelsea had a special play date with lots of her friends on Tuesday afternoon - it was so sweet to hear them say how they have missed her and to see how happy they were all playing together again.
Wednesday morning we headed back to the airport and got on a plane to Orlando - Disney, here we come! It has been so much fun. We spent a few hours Wednesday afternoon at Magic Kingdom. Thursday morning we headed back to Magic Kingdom and met up with my sis and her family and my parents. Chelsea LOVES her cousins and was so happy to be with them. We got her to ride Big Thunder Mountain railroad - she loved it and it was so fun to ride with her and watch her try to hold up her little arms for the whole ride!
Friday morning we visited Hollywood Studios, then went to visit my grandparents for the afternoon. Today, we had breakfast with the princesses at the castle - all of the princesses were there and Chelsea was thrilled. After breakfast, we met up with everyone at Animal Kingdom. Tomorrow, we are off to Epcot.
It is hard to believe we have only been back for a week - it feels like longer, which is a great feeling. It is weird talking about Budapest - like it is a whole different life! In many ways, it is. The last few months have been so chaotic preparing for the move, moving, and trying to figure out day to day life in Hungary. I am so thankful we have had this time to just have fun together. There are so many cute pics for these few days - maybe I will upload some tomorrow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chelsea's First Performance

Okay, so it is hard to top the snot vacuum post, but blogging must go on. In case you are wondering, the vacuum is still being used and Cade doesn't mind it now. I only have to use it once or twice a day and it keeps him snot free. He doesn't cry, as compared to when I try to wipe his nose with a kleenex he fights me like crazy. So, the vacuum will continue!

Anyway, Chelsea had her first music class performance at school a couple of weeks ago. They performed two songs - one with the xylophone and the other a color song. She was orange. She was supposed to wear as much orange as possible. Thank you, Tesco, for having cheap orange clothes.

Waving to her fans

She was so cute and did so well. Cade loved watching her. He kept pointing at her and saying, "sissy."

This pic is my favorite....anytime she is in a new or unfamiliar situation, we have a little thing we do. If she is okay with what is going on, she will give me a thumbs up and make the "I love you" sign. I will do it back, and that means everything is good. It was so sweet to see her do that here.....
She concentrated hard to play her instrument...

And she loved doing her orange dance!

We can't wait for the next performance!