Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hooray for Pre-K, Part 2

When I posted this almost 3 years ago, I would've never guessed that we would still be in Budapest when it was time for Cade to begin PreK 4. And, on that day, if you told me we would still be here 3 years later, I probably would've gotten on the next plane home.

But, here we are and I am so thankful. Feel so blessed. Cade began PreK 4 yesterday and could barely contain himself he was so excited. He was dressed and ready with an hour to go.

Ready to run inside

Changed into indoor shoes and ready for the day

He has Chelsea's same fabulous PreK 4 teachers, Mr. Vukovich and Ms. Emese. There were no tears this year, he ran right in and barely said goodbye to me.  He has 11 kids in his class, including sweet Claudia who celebrated Chelsea's first day of PreK with us in our hotel 3 years ago. I am so happy that he is happy and feels so at home at AISB. So, once again, hooray for PreK!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Second Grade

This beauty started second grade (or Grade 2 as they say here) on Wednesday. She was very excited for school to start! Cade will start on Monday, and he is counting down the days.  Chelsea has 12 kids in her class with 2 full time teachers, and Cade will have 11 in his class.  We love their school and are so fortunate that they have this opportunity!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Favorite Thing

I know sometime in the past I have blogged about the grocery store experience here. 3 years later, it is still an ordeal, just not as bad as it used to be. I still must drive to the store, park in a garage (or drive to a way further store), have the right change to get a basket (trolley), take the elevator up with cart, do the shopping, remember to weigh fruit/veggies and put sticker on the bag, try to translate unfamiliar items, pay, nod and smile and say, "nem beszelek magyarul."  I must bag my own groceries, hoping that I remembered to bring bags. Then, it's back down the elevator, pay for parking, unload groceries, put cart back, get my money back from cart, and come home. This summer, I added 3 kids to that routine and let's just say I needed a nap by the time we got home and got it all unpacked.

So, it is Tesco to my rescue. A few months ago, they began a grocery delivery service. People, this is the best.thing.ever. Just now, while the 2 boys are napping, I sat here and did all my grocery shopping with just a few clicks. Tomorrow, in a 2 hour window I selected, a nice man will deliver all my groceries and bring them inside for me. He may not speak English, but that is a-ok. I don't have to drive, bring bags, wrestle squirmy children, or remember the right change.....thank you, Tesco!!!


Anyone who has seen Cade lately knows he wears the Spiderman costume everyday. Everywhere. School starts for him on Monday, and he has already been told that Spiderman can't go to school.      He also didn't travel to Greece with us, more on that later. 
But, he has been to the grocery store, pediatrician, Starbucks, parks, hair salon, restaurants...
he sleeps in it, he wakes in it, he wears it all day long.

Yesterday, Cade recruited a sidekick for his adventures. He was ready to pass down his old costume to Spidey Jr. I was shocked that it fit Logan, because other than being too short, it still fit Cade pretty well. But, it fit. And Logan seemed quite happy in it. And he was super cute. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lake Dorog

We arrived back in Budapest to a serious heat wave. it was Houston-hot, getting up near 100 for many days. Houston-hot without Houston air conditioner is not fun. We are fortunate to have room units in our bedrooms and living room, but the kitchen, hallways, dining area, bottom floor, etc are all without ac and it gets a little toasty. Malls and other places are slightly air conditioned, but nowhere near the level we are used to in Texas. Our church meets in a school, and the schools are not air conditioned. Sweat city!! So, I was getting desperate to take the kids somewhere cool. I am a little leery of taking all 3 to a public pool by myself - it feels too risky and overwhelming. A lady mentioned a nearby shallow lake to me, so we headed out on an adventure to give it a try. 
Lake Dorog (I think it has a different official name, but it is in the city of Dorog) was the perfect spot for our outing. It is about an hour away from our house. Apparently, is it popular among people that live near there, but I don't think that many people travel there from Budapest. 
It is very shallow for a long way out, making it easy for me to handle all 3 kids and make sure they were safe. It was also very clear and we could see our feet - always a bonus. The little lake "houses" were so cute - teeny tiny little things. 
Our sun tent was a great place for a snack and a break. My only failure was that the money I brought was the equivalent of a $50 bill, so of course the food vendors did not want to take it. I rationed the few snacks I brought and we made do until we left. 
These two could've played in the sand all day long - they had the best time. Logan liked it, but he was more interested in taking a truck that another child had.

Sand, shade, cool water....a perfect morning out!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In the Middle

I read that yesterday was National Middle Child Day, so it is a perfect time to reflect on the fun things my middle child is doing these days. Of course, I'm a day late, but so it goes with the middle child.

This summer was a big one for him - he learned to ride a bike without training wheels and took swim lessons. He is still my cautious child, but he has branched out so much and now he will say, "I'm so brave!"
He loves the be a "chef" and make things....every morning he asks what we can make for breakfast, and is sadly disappointed when the answer is cereal. He likes to make desserts, but he doesn't like to eat them. He usually would prefer a banana to a cookie, but will never turn down a croissant or donut. 

He has such a tender heart and gentle spirit. He is so sweet with animals and babies. He remembers the Bible verses he learns, and will frequently say, "God helps me so I don't be afraid."

Lately, he is my little helper and loves to vacuum. He will help with other chores, but vacuuming is definitely his favorite. 

We have our share of sibling rivalry, especially this summer since they have been together 24/7. But, he loves his sister and brother!

Spiderman is the theme around here these days. He wears the costume every day and. Soon enough, he will be back in school, so for now I let him wear it everywhere. Today, Spiderman had to get a haircut. 

His second favorite outfit is his "workout clothes" as he calls them. He loves to exercise!

Funny things he says:
* The refrigerator is the "refrigalater"

*Instead of excited, he says, "I'm so mc-cited!"

*Tonight, he said, "It's bedtime and I just loooove bedtime." What kid days that? 

*He is a chief negotiator and starts all negotiations with, "wellll, mama...."

Love my middle-man!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Making Waves

While in Houston, we decided to head to Lake Conroe for one last summer fling before returning to Budapest. Larry found some learner skis for the kids, and they practiced grass-skiing before hitting the water.

We rented a boat and had a fun morning out on the lake. Everyone took their turn skiing (or trying to!) and tubing. There may or may not have been some disagreements about how fast the boat should be driven while the children were tubing. 

Logan slept through much of the morning  - lulled to sleep by the heat, the boat ride, and his straightjacket of a life vest. 

The kids did great on the water! Chelsea was like a pro skier and never fell. It was so fun to watch her succeed. Cade got right up as well, and held on for dear life. He was fairly terrified and will tell you he did not like waterskiing. But, learning to snow ski and water ski by the time you are 4 is quite impressive, I think!  I foresee more days on the water in our future!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Celebration for Spiderman

Cade had a Spiderman party at a gymnastics place to celebrate his 4th birthday. 
The kids ran and jumped and flipped to their hearts content!

Love the toddle!

We love our Spider-boy!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Cade celebrated his 4th birthday while we were in Texas. On his actual birthday, we started the day in Harlingen and celebrated with cookie cake and a swim before driving back to Houston. The cookie cake was Larry's wish, and Cade is a bit picky when it comes to dessert. He is not a big dessert fan. We hated for him not to like his own birthday cake, so we had to get him a cookie beforehand and actually convince him to try it before ordering his cake. Once he finally tried it, he liked it, so Larry got his cookie cake wish. If only we all shared Cade's dessert aversion!

Cade was a little confused about the difference between his birthday day and his birthday party - all he cared about was the party, of course. I tried explaining that his birthday was the day he was born. He asked if he was going to turn into a baby again...haha!

Happy Birthday, buddy! We love you so much!