Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Quotes

Funny kid stories from this week -

*Yesterday, I showed C and C the video of the space jumper guy. This afternoon, Cade started asking me for the funny space guy and I had no idea what he was talking about. A shirt with a funny guy? A book? I was clueless. I figured it out when he said, "I want the funny space guy that falls and breaks his record. He got a scratch and he broke his record." Apparently, your record is somewhere around your knee, just fyi.

*Last night, Chelsea and I were chatting before bed. Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me if the Tooth Fairy was real or if it was your parents. Quickly thinking, I asked her what she thought. My super logical child said, "Well, fairies are only in fiction books. They are not in non-fiction books, so they must not be real. So it must be your parents." I was amazed at her reasoning and also a little sad that the magic is over. She hasn't even lost a tooth yet, aside from the one she had pulled. I was afraid she would be sad, but instead she thought it was super hilarious. "You mean your parents give you their OWN money?" So funny.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


While in Bled, we visited the local thrill ride - a bobsled run on rails down a mountain. The kids took turns riding the chairlift up and then careening down the mountain with Daddy.
Up they go
The view from the top - the mountain was steep!

                                                                  Ready for take off
                                                                     Away they go!

The quote of the day was from Cade. He is usually cautious and hesitant about trying new things, but this time was the opposite. He wasn't afraid at all and yelled "faster!" as he and Larry came down. Fun for everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lake Bled

 Two weeks ago, we took a trip to beautiful Slovenia. Lake Bled is just a 5 hour drive from home, so it made for a perfect weekend getaway. It was a lovely, relaxing, nature-y weekend.
 We splurged on a horse drawn carriage ride around the lake - so fun!

One of the popular things to do at Lake Bled is to ride in a row boat out to the island in the lake. Typically, this is a large boat that holds 30 or so people. We decided on the personal row boat approach and we had an excellent rower. We were assured by the boat rental lady that there was no need for the kids to have life jackets. I wasn't so sure about this, so I just prayed we wouldn't fall in! 

After docking at the island, we climbed 100 steps to the top and visited the small church. We all took a turn ringing the bell, but sadly our pics didn't turn out.
We capped off the day with a visit to a bakery for some of the Bled area's kremna rezina. 
It was yummy and a perfect end to a memorable day! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

International Day

Chelsea and Cade attend an international school, and every year the school has an International Day. It is a fun day where kids wear clothing that represent stheir home country. Parents bring food for an international lunch, and the day ends with a parade with each child marching behind their flag. It is always moving to see so many countries (at least 20 - I have no idea the true count) represented!

My kids were torn because, you know, Texas is like a whole other country. But, there was no Texas flag in the parade, so they marched with the good ole USA. They did represent Texas with their boots and Cade of course wore his "Don't Mess WIth Texas" t-shirt. 

My observations this year - 
*Many of the other countries have some sort of fancy national dress/attire. The American kids have Old Navy July 4th t-shirts. 
*For the lunch, most countries bring sophisticated food like sushi, fancy desserts, crepes, etc. The American kids bring jello, rice krispie treats, and mac and cheese. I will say those items are the first to go, though. We may not be sophisticated, but our stuff tastes good!